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Reiki Symbols

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reiki_silver.jpg (9850 bytes)Silver Misty Pink reiki_emerald.jpg (13125 bytes)Emerald Green reiki_purple.jpg (12193 bytes)Purple Haze reiki_olivine.jpg (14072 bytes)Olivine Gold
reiki_turquoise.jpg (11422 bytes)Turquoise Blue reiki_sapphire.jpg (11840 bytes)Sapphire Blue Fiery Gold Sunset Red Violet

The REIKI symbol for hands on healing is etched onto glass and fused into a pendant in a high temperature kiln . Pendants are fused onto opaque glass. The dimensions are about  2-1/8x7/8".   Reiki pendants with a satin cord are $30. each.  To have them ready to wear with a gemstone and adjustable cord, the price is $33. each.

A few words about dichroic glass and color variation.  I offer  my dichroic pendants in assorted colors but these colors are as close to the examples above as I can make them  Sometimes a sapphire blue piece will come out more cobalt blue and a turquoise piece come out light sapphire blue. From pendant to pendant sunset red can vary from red to orange red not unlike a real sunset. This is due to color variations in different batches of dichroic glass offered by the supplier and the amount of craze ( this is the crackle effect) developed by the dichroic as it reaches fusing temperature. Sometimes even 2 pendants from the same piece of dichroic come out different due to the dichroic coating.   Other factors affecting the colors are kiln temperature, firing time, and the number of times a piece is fired. Therefore, I will refund your money if you are not 100% pleased with your purchase.

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